Next Up to Boycott: Blackrock

Blackrock is behind much of these idiot CEO’s “Bud Lighting” themselves. Blackrock is near forcing them.


Good luck with that one.

What did Blackrock do?

Can’t be outraged until I know what’s happening.

Okay, except you guys ©️ don’t do boycotts, remember?

You can still prolly get Kid Rock to shoot a prospectus or something though.

They’re big on “ESG” stuff.

Damn commies, controlling 40% of US GDP!

Looks like cons are now on the boycott bandwagon.

Lets scour the internet until we find something to be outraged about and then let the boycott cry ring loud and true.

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Exactly. Like this:

Conservative blowhards unleashed their frustration with the company, known for its Christian-influenced business model, after discovering a months-old update on Chick-fil-A’s website about diversity and inclusion initiatives.

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I, for one, encourage this.

Oh, hell yeah. The more things that these yokels boycott, the better.

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They’ve taken all their ballz and headed to their homes, with nowhere else to go. Of course thriving companies value employees and customers of all colors and stripes. I got into a FB Matt Walsh Baby Moms group (look it up, they’re ridiculous) and the wind is coming out of the sails of these dummies as they slowly realize there’s no where else to go :clown_face::sheep: :snowflake:

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Texas, for one state, will not allow state funds to use fund companies or banks, including Blackrock, that have ESG practices. No doubt the state governments chief concern is oil and gas. Blackrock is so huge, that is only a drop in the bucket to,them.
However, the controversies do seem to have some effect. Vanguard has backed away from ESG practices due to the negative publicity.
No doubt this will not be an overnight fight, though.

I am very curious as to what group of people are ultimately pushing this ESG movement, and how they work together.

And another.

Obviously, this is fake news cuz the Right don’t boycott, but legos are out now too.

Which is too bad, cuz look how cool:

I have advocated boycotts for years. I never understood conservatives who did not. They get results.

Oh of course, you guys don’t boycott.

You boycott.

They are worried about it, and have been running commercials on FOX News lately, I’m sure hoping to counter the coming half their customers from moving their funds to another company not woke. Blackrock is way more than woke, they are financially harming companies who don’t fall into line with them, refusing to invest their massive funds in the companies who don’t bow down to the pedos and groomers.

So I say close my account with them and move to another investment not on the Wokie cult Pedo/Groomer bandwagon.


Ask Target, Bud light, and Kohls about it…


You guys aren’t boycotting Kohl’s? Why, what’d they do?

Try to keep up…Go woke, go broke…

Certainly…and…those companies have lost billions…so far…

This new very very macho Budweiser ad is what’s called “overcompensating” :slight_smile: