NEWSOM’S NIGHTMARE: President Trump Claws Back $1 BILLION from California After Epic Rail Project Failure

Originally published at: NEWSOM’S NIGHTMARE: President Trump Claws Back $1 BILLION from California After Epic Rail Project Failure | Sean Hannity

The Trump administration canceled nearly $1 billion in funding for California’s botched high-speed rail project this week; clawing back the cash months after Governor Gavin Newsom abruptly scrapped the expensive plan.

“The Trump administration cancelled nearly $1 billion Thursday in federal money for California’s high-speed rail project, further throwing into question the future of the ambitious plan to connect Los Angeles and San Francisco,” reports NBC Bay Area.

BREAKING: The Federal Railroad Administration has notified California its ENDING its high speed rail agreement, clawing back crucial $ for project

— Ashley Zavala (@ZavalaA) May 16, 2019

“The Trump Administration’s action is illegal and a direct assault on California,” he said in a written statement. “This is California’s money, appropriated by Congress, and we will vigorously defend it in court.”

“While the $929 million is a critical piece of the project’s funding plan, state rail officials were not expecting to access the money until 2021, according to a recently released project update. If a court battle over the money drags on, that could put the state in position to win the money back or get more from the federal government if Democrats win the White House and control of Congress in 2020,” adds NBC.

The White House slammed Governor Newsom after the far-left leader abandoned the project; pledging to recover the $2.5 billion already spent on the rail network.

The move comes days after Newsom abruptly pardoned multiple immigrant felons to shield them from deportation by federal agents.

“I’m constantly trying to understand the moment we’re living in, the xenophobia, the nativism that marks the populism of this moment,” Newsom said. “Any of us who are students of history know that it’s not without precedent. It’s not novel. It’s hardly new. It’s very familiar.”

One of the refugees -originally from Cambodia- was arrested by federal immigration agents in March.

The man was convicted for solicitation to commit murder in 2001.