News Blindspots

I didn’t say I couldn’t reconcile it.

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Dude…“wising”…not wishing.

My impression is that most of the lying is lying by omission. Media simply ignore some stories, and in stories that they report they frequently leave out relevant details. In addition the language that they use changes the impression created by the story.

On some level these problems are inevitable, but the skewed reporting seems to have gotten far worse in recent years. It is important to get information from a range of sources with different viewpoints to have a complete picture.

You’ve lost me? Never mind

I never said the word “wishing”. You confused it when I said, you’re WISING up and yes, it lost you.

I agree and they have a built in excuse - space limitations.

They also do it by what they choose to emphasize, the order they report things in, etc.

Most people make up their minds from the headline alone. Then only read far enough to confirm their bias.

Man my dyslexia got the best of me there. Lol. I could have sworn you wrote wishing…wow!

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I had wised up to this ages ago. Long before Trump.

That effects both the left and right.

More so on the right from my experience.

The news source you linked may be a decent one. Time will tell.


Breitbart is horrible. up there with infowars.

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Do they explain their methodology anywhere?

Because the first story I saw in this week’s report- the Jessica Doty Whittaker story…they make it look like only a couple “left leaning” news organizations covered it.

Which is decidedly not true.

I only did a quick perusal…but would love for their methodology to be published somewhere.

It has been bad for a couple decades, when news reporting became a for profit business.

The TelCo act of 1996, and the monopolies that followed, is also a factor.

Then that is on the reader, not the news supplier.

Yes it can affect people with different viewpoints, but the default is to live a news bubble that is dominated by left-wing media.

For example, if you go to an airport or a gym you are likely to see CNN. If you have an I-phone, the news app is skewed to the left. If you prefer news from the right, then you have to actively avoid the pervasive news source that are skewed left in order to live a real news bubble.

On the other hand, the default is to live in a bubble dominated by news from the left. You have to actively seek out alterative viewpoints to get out of the bubble.

Cable news channels are there to make money. There are good journalists there, but they are beholding the the clicks and ad dollars more so than the news.
There are exceptions.

Anyone who gets the news from only cable news, is not well informed.

Read the paper.,
Read a magazine.

Democracy is not a spectator sport, one has always had to put a little effort into being informed.

Print media is dead or dying.

Everything is about getting clicks on the internet or catching a channel surfer on the television.

Agreed, and apparently doesn’t fall under the same “fake news” scrutiny here since real news is only “news I agree with”.

Print media is not dying.
They are doing well, in print, and on-line.

It truly is the only way to be informed.
Or watching well done documentaries.

NPR also does a great job, as they dedicate more time per story, and don’t have shouting matches with guests.


It is a tool known to the supplier.

MSNBC, Huffington Post

Rachel Maddow is every bit as bad as Alex Jones

Lemon and Cuomo are horrible.