News Blindspots

I found this website ( that tracks how different news sources are reporting news stories. In many cases the differences amount to ignoring stories based on the political viewpoint of the outlet. The result is to create a blindspot for people who rely on news from a few source with similar politics.

Here is an example of a blindspot for the left:

Here is a recent example for blindspot for the right:

They also track words used to describe the same event that show how politics affects reporting, and provide weekly blindspot reports.

My observation is virtually everyone is subjected to news from the left. For example if I click on the Apple news app on my phone, it is heavily biased to stories from the left and many sources from the right never appear. I have to seek out sites from the right, but people who never get beyond the Apple news feed will miss a lot of stories.

I think the website is a good starting point for understanding which news stories become news and who they are reported.

Do see these reports as a useful service?

Do you see news blindspots as a real problem?

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Is there such a thing as “news” anymore? Really…is there? Mostly what I see and here from “news”…are opinions that lean left or right…but by far percentage wise…left.

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You can customize your Apple news to show you only the outlets you want to see.

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No just a bunch of news sheeple bleeting bleeted reports of sheeple bleeting about other people bleeting.

Is that about right?


Yes, most “news” is just opinion that only presents facts that support the narrative.

That is true for both left and right in my opinion. Those who get their news only from sources with a similar ideology are low-information voters.

Given the pervasiveness of left-leaning media, the problem of news bubbles is far more pervasive on the left.

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That’s what I’m witnessing too. They’ve become nothing but sheople troughs…feeding the agenda they want reguribleeted. It looks like you’re wising up to this too.

What do you mean.

The default is highly skewed to the left, which is fine since I don’t mind seeing what they are saying. I doubt I could add sources such as Breitbart or Zerohedge to the Apple app since they never appear in the feed.

If all you read is what appears in the Apple app, then you are living inside a news bubble. That may explain why younger people who live with their phones are so misinformed.


Don’t I deserve a real response?

Was your’s not a real response? If it was, then mine does also…you’re wising up to this truth.

Maybe I don’t in understand the phrase wishing up to? What’s that supposed to mean?


Well, I don’t read what’s in the app, I use different sources. Also, Zerohedge is a Bulgarian owned Russian propaganda organization. So, one should be cautious of what they read there.

Building narratives, story telling, using clip culture as “proof” is the problem.

Good propaganda is so subtle as to be unrecognizable.

Stop regurgibleating, you baaaaaad boy.


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Opinionated “journalism”.


There have been many comments on how well Fox News rates; how can one reconcile that with the concept of “news bubbles is far more pervasive on the left”?

It’s the fact you can’t reconcile it that is the best evidence proving it…amirite? :sunglasses:

I’m not wishing for anything. Just speaking about my long standing annoyance with national news channels and media.