Newell Brands (Maker of Sharpie, Parker Pens, Coleman Gear, Elmer's Glue, Graco, Sunbeam Appliances, Mr Coffee, Yankee Candle etc.) . . . 18 months left to live?

Newell Brands was never a household name, but many of its products and brands still are. You probably have several of their products in your house right now and doubtless, at one time or another, have bought their pens, their glue etc…

The consumer products company

  • has lost 80% of its market cap (stock value) since the early Trump years
  • has been operating at a net loss for years
  • currently has neg. $2.45b in tangible net worth
  • has enough cash on hand to survive another 18 months or so.

I don’t blame Joe Biden.
I don’t blame Donald Trump.

But I do think it is a sign of a troubled economy, and both the media and the President have an affirmative responsibility to treat a troubled economy like a troubled economy, instead of sowing whatever tall-tale helps get their party elected.


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Is it likely those brands will get bought piecemeal by other companies, maybe competitors? Some of them will probably dissolve, but I can’t imagine no Elmer’s, Sharpie, Mr. Coffee, Ball, Papermate…

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I imagine they’re probably getting hammered by the Chinese knock-offs that are all over Amazon.


If I were them I’d be in the business of selling the rights to my brands.

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While that is no doubt true to a degree, I am pretty sure their stuff is made in China already.

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