New Yorkers May Have to Pay Package Delivery Surcharge to Help Fund MTA

Forcing people to stay home and then taxing them for not being out and about. That’s so New York. :thinking:

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The MTA had huge budgetary problems before this happened and this won’t fix it.

I have my doubts that this will pass.

Pandemics suck.

Not the district that I live in, but I am in walking distance to the office.

I will drop a call to the office.

Agreed, and so do people looking for new and exciting ways to take people’s money.

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…brought to you by the same leader that believed it was a good idea to admit infected senior citizens with COVID, into nursing homes.

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And what does Andrew Cuomo have to do with the actions of a city councilman in NYC?

They observe his actions and he sets the low standards.

With the hundreds of thousands of people leaving NYC and investment firms like Goldman Sachs considering relocating to Florida, New Yorkers will be paying a tax to breathe the foul stench ■■■■■■ air soon.

Nahhhhhhhhhh…once they ■■■■■■ it up, they’ll move and then arrogantly attempt to change their new home, into the ■■■■ hole they created and left behind. This seems to be the pattern throughout the world.