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Is there an exodus from New York City and if so, why?

I believe “replacement” is more accurate than Exodus

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Cool. So who’s leaving and who’s replacing them?

Always skim the scum out of a boiling pot or it will be the first part to boil over and make a mess.

It’s funny, I just started watching that Netflix special about taking down the mafia in NYC and it starts with a montage of how bad of a ■■■■■■■■ NYC was in 1970s with Disco Inferno loop “burning ! musical_score:” in the background

And now it may be that NY is due for a couple of more rough decades of urban blight.

NYC’s recent blight has been created by the rich, not the poor.

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277 per day.

Extrapolated over the year.

Approx 100,000.

In only 81 years NYC will be a ghost town.


Interesting, how so?

Who is leaving?

You might argue that the one in the 1970s was as well as organized crime families controlled everything

This isn’t organized crime but hedge funds owning large portions of commercial real estate that jack up rents that force out productive small business in the hopes of attracting a national chain.

Commercial rent blight hits the most expensive neighborhoods in NYC… not the poorest.

High rents from the official policy of catering to high end real estate developers over developments that cater to middle and lower class renters has also caused an artificial housing crises.

These are a couple of reasons why no one likes DeBlasio.

I don’t know, maybe. But IMO, defunding police policies are dumb and so is bail reform that allows criminals to be back out on the streets as is disbanding the plainclothes division.

Basically, going soft on crime may make some people feel good but can also have pretty devastating consequences, in minority neighborhoods especially

None of that is why normal people have a problem finding good living conditions in the city.

You can tell yourself it is because of “liberal” policies but it is really the decade and a half long genuflection to high end real estate developers that have driven up prices and shuttered productive business.

The rich are destroying NYC… not the poor.


Oh, I think we are just talking about two different issues. You are talking about people being priced out of the city; I am talking about the crime spike. Both obviously can cause people to leave (as well as the pandemic !)

And to be fair, I started talking about that because of the Netflix special which specifically deals with crime :grin:

Violence has spiked this year.

It is also a year where a bunch of people lost their jobs and the economy is collapsing.

That leads to a spike in crime no matter what.

As far as NYC… the police budget is $6 Billion dollars.

Billion with a B.

As an NYC taxpayer, I have no problem with reviewing that budget and reallocating money to other services.

$6 billion is a lot of money that the city is paying for a standing army. But for some reason police budgets are sacrosanct.

It makes no sense.


“Review” is a good word; I am all on board with reviewing budgets rather than just making arbitrary cuts. A good review should include a study about possible correlation between the things I mentioned like plainclothes division disbandment and crime levels.

My city is going through something similar; and you might have seen that our police chief just retired citing hostility to law enforcement.

To what end?

Is it the poor that are leaving?

The people that can’t* afford it, and the people that can.

So not the poor?

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The hostility towards law enforcement is from the years of sweeping abuses under the rugs.

Honestly, without a bunch of unemployed and idle people because of the pandemic I doubt that Floyd’s killing would have spurred a worldwide protest.

You would probably have local unrest… but nothing like we have seen the past few months.