New Proposal to Remove Illegal Immigrants from Public Housing

President Trump and his Housing and Urban Development Secretary Dr. Ben Carson are proposing a new rule that does not allow illegal immigrants to stay in public housing. The idea is to make room for the most vulnerable in our society who have legally waited on lists for years.

“Thanks to @realDonaldTrump’s leadership, we are putting America’s most vulnerable first. Our nation faces affordable housing challenges and hundreds of thousands of citizens are waiting for many years on waitlists to get housing assistance,” Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson wrote in a tweet on Thursday, announcing the administration’s proposed rule.

This sounds like a great idea. What say you?


Illegals in public housing? No way that happened!

About time?

Good idea, what are the current number in public housing?

Here’s a POV on this subject from a young man who I think hits the nail on the head. I wonder if anyone will label him a racist? :sunglasses:

The guesstimate I’m hearing is around 32,000.

Guesstimate… hmm, where do I find that data? Did they link it?

Why does it matter?

Usually you make policy based on actual data…

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Is it a violation of law?

So ICE raids on all public housing? ■■■■ that, I don’t need a police state.

Is it a violation of the law?

You have my answer.

Ok. I thought so.

So slash public housing funding even more and then blame Illegal Immigrants for the shortages in public housing.

Then rant and rave about all the homeless Illegal Immigrants ignoring the fact that he threw them out on the streets.


According to HUD there are 1.3 million units that are managed by 3,400 public housing authorities.
They don’t provide a number of people but do offer a percentage of units occupied by single people and a percentage of families.

I found several articles on this subject. Some were for it and some considered it a scare tactic. If you Google it, there will be a spectrum of right, left and middle of the road articles to choose from.

$9.6B is a huge cut. And they are going after those who are struggling the most. And it seems that they don’t really care. And I will bet dollars to dog nuts that paying for the tax cuts for the rich were part of the discussion.

Conservatives have a love/hate love of police states.

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Nothing help them more then slashing the budget by 10 billion $$.