New mass shooting today!

Shopping mall in Allen TX. 5 down, no good guy with gun.

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right. less guns then?

Well, they don’t have a duty roster for good guys at that outlet.

Huh. You’d think Texas would have lots of good guys with guns walking around.

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Murderer die of a heart attack?

The murderer is dead. Stroke? Hit by a bus?

One shy of a mass shooting.

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I thought I just heard on the news that an officer on another assignment took care of shooter and called for backup/medical

They would have gotten the same result with a knife, shovel, bat, etc.

ah no wonder there was no link in the op

That’s not it :face_with_monocle:

Well, that and the OP was Allen, TX

i know

what was color of gunman (men) in TX?

I dunno.

I do know that you are anxious to know, so you can begin your race-baiting anew.

Maybe you’ll get really lucky, and the shooter will be trans. You all ©️ were positively giddy about that one.


Again, the more people are armed, the less this occurs, and less lives lost

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What imaginaty laws do criminals follow?

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Just wait if the gunman is black or (gasp) a tranny this thread will soon die.

We all know it has to be approved by the lib narrative.

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often when mommy news doesnt indicate the race of the gunman…. but who knows

cnn was sure to use the right pronoun though (referring earlier to a gunMAN)

“A suspect is dead after the shooting, according to authorities. The city’s police chief said an officer heard the gunshots, found the shooter and “neutralized” them.”

so progressive……


We should just leave loaded guns laying around in public places. Just in case.

On chains, like the pens in the bank. :laughing: