New Jersey feel good plastic bag law

Or bloodstreams

I never asserted cost was my reasoning. Just that I wanted to keep using plastic bags. I only mentioned price because it wasn’t an issue.

So why the desire to use something known to be detrimental to basically everything when it’s no longer necessary?

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It’s easier.


No it’s really not easier in any way


Dallas had a law like that. It’s suburbs did not. They were killing Dallas stores and angering constituents, so it was repealed.
I use my plastic sacks from the store as trash can liners. If I did not have them, I would be buying trash can liners which would just result in more plastic bags being manufactured.


You sound like a spoiled millennial.


Don’t eat the bags or use Chinese toothpaste

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I’m spoiled Gen X

Irony. That’s been you for the last 14 months


It’s not Virtuous to use recycle bags.

It’s common sense.

Carries more weight than plastic.


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And extremely shortsighted

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Those plastic bags are made with cornstarch and decompose naturally.

DItto lawn-leaf bags and so many more things that people decry.

The fact that people see them is because of a littering problem, not the fact that they’re plastic. Heck, I wonder how long it takes for all the discarded masks to decompose…

But if the stores are going to go back to paper bags, I’m all for that!


If you’re bringing a bag from home, why is it easier to bring plastic than canvas?

Couldn’t give a damn. I’ll do what’s easier for me.

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But it really isn’t. It’s just stubbornness

cat hysteria


It’s obviously not any easier.

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The plastic bags are super easy. Small form factor and easy to use. Not even close to canvas. I can bring 20 in and it takes up super little space. Then if there are any spills or leakage, I just toss it.