New Hampshire Primary

Polls will close soon. Let’s discuss!

Hoping for a Buttigieg upset.

This election needs a stapler to the face, vote Klob for the job.

I think i’ve abandoned Biden.

How’s it going?

Mind if I ask why?

Polls closing in a few min I think

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The socialist becoming more appealing? Feeing the Bern?

Who do they have left without Biden?

Come to think of it, who do they have left with Biden?


I was mainly behind him for the " best chance to win" but he can’t make an argument or answer questions. I’d vote for him if he were the nominee, and he might still have the best chance to win, but it will be a cringey election.

Polls have mostly closed with some still open for another hour

CNN exit polls 43% independent/undeclared


One lib’s take on the New Hampshire primary. Apparently, depression has set in. But I think jumping off a bridge is a bit drastic.

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Yes. Never a good idea

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Amy Klobachar in the lead with 8 votes!!11!

End it now.

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Was it the rub my leg hair thing, or the pony soldier thing. I found the pony soldier comment mild compared to the leg hair rubbing. Even excusable considering he was joshing around with the lady who asked him about the caucus.

Actually it’s flipped for me, the leg hair thing was just a goofy old story whereas the pony soldier thing was his inability to answer tough questions thoughtfully.

Fox says Sanders!!

I’m kidding. They say nothing yet.

I was gonna say they can’t call it until all polls are closed I thought