New Gillette ad trigger the fragile egos of men on twitter

The alt-right are not happy with this new new ad put out today by Gillette which they claim is an attack on manhood. :laughing:

The Emmy-award winning actor and prominent Donald Trump supporter James Woods meanwhile accused Gillette of “jumping on the ‘men are horrible’ campaign” and pledged to boycott its products.

Far-right magazine The New American attacked the advertisement’s message, saying it “reflects many false suppositions”, adding that: “Men are the wilder sex, which accounts for their dangerousness – but also their dynamism.”

if a commercial on TV threatens your masculinity, your masculinity was weak to begin with.


I’ll second that. Being an old schooler, my father taught my brothers and I respect. His relationship with our mother was loving, respectful and a good example for us for our own marriages. He also taught us that bullying was unacceptable and if any of us were victims of a bully the four of us were to go and beat that fools arse; it usually resolved any future “bullying”.

I can see some good points in the commercial and hopefully some cement heads that engage in inappropriate office behavior or think bullying is cute get the message. But there are those who are idiots and think their boorish behavior is the norm. Screw 'em.


As far as I can tell the ad is saying bullying and sexual harassment are bad.

How is this controversial in 2019?

Because people have fragile ego, the twitter meltdown its almost comical.

If you are mad that a commercial is urging you to be a good human, then odds are good that commercial is meant for you.


Look at all the virtue signalers flocking like moths to a light!


Found the red piller!

What’s wrong with always aspiring to be a good human?

I didn’t find the ad all the notable. Gillette’s late to the party. The ad does, however, trade on stereotype and that’s boring.

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What stereotype is that?

Oh, I don’t an extending line of arm folding men standing at BBQ grills chanting “boys will be boys” (which is disingenuous since that’s a chant of mothers just as much as fathers).

*Oh, I don’t know

My kingdom for an edit function.

Why is it only men who need fathers to treat others as they wish to be treated?

As in the preceding examples, women can be just as bad in the school or office—if not much worse.

Where’s the commercial to teach women to aspire to a standard higher than toxic girl and womanhood?

I guess that’s not politically correct.

Yes it is boring.

And I’m totally supportive of Msrs. Woods and Morgan if they’re done with Gilette products for that or any other reasons.

There are tons of ad about woman treating each-other better.

Have you ever seen a DOVE ad?

I don’t watch much—almost no TV.

That’s part of why I asked.

Dove the brand has been for like 10 years been making ad about woman embracing their flaws having positive self-esteem.

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Grow a beard in protest, you triggered masses.