New Buddies Luna and Daisy

Husband is still sad about Anabel & we feel differently about dogs. We finally agreed to a bird.

Two shelter birds were no longer on their website so I tried Craig’s List & got a pretty good deal from a seller.

Have done some research & am learning as I go along.


They’re so beautiful. I love how long and elegant their tail feathers are. I’m glad you were able to find another companion or two. :slight_smile:

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Thank you! It’s going to be a lot of cleanup on a daily basis.

Going to see if a small pet supply is open, or just get a clue on YouTube.

The green one let me stroke her tail feather a little. That’s a start.

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I just unloaded two litters of puppies I had been fostering the last week of June. I had them pretty much since they were about 1 week old. Fully 3 months old when they went back.

Not too bad the first month when they were just tiny things. Quite a bit more interesting when you have six rambunctious Black Labrador Retriever puppies and six equally rambunctious Beagle mixes, plus their mothers and plus my own two Jack Russell Terriers.

Back to just the two Jack Russells, plus a bunch of chickens.

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My beautiful girl Artemis passed from cancer at the beginning of the year. I have never experienced a more heart wrenching loss. Now I am finally ready to rescue another dog and hopefully in the next few weeks we will have another dog.

Part of me feels guilty but Artie was such a loving and generous dog I know she would have loved to have a buddy.


Keets can be a bit messy but they are a joy. They aren’t loud but they do love to chatter, which to me at least, is a wonderful sound.

Best of luck with you little additions. :blush:

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My mother used to have an African grey parrot she loved it and it loved her but the bird hated the rest of us I think it was jealous lol :slight_smile: those are very pretty birds enjoy :slight_smile:

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Sorry about Artemis.

I understand. I still miss Anabel greeting me, even running out to the car when I pulled in the garage, but she was 13 & with failing kidneys. Not crying buckets any more, though.

Consider yourselves honoring Artemis in rescuing another dog & best wishes.