New ad in Spanish targets Biden for eliminating Hispanics from VP options

A new Spanish-language ad targets Joe Biden for failing to consider Hispanics for the VP pick.

Is eliminating Hispanics from consideration an example of systemic racism?

Is it even good politics?

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Link to article about ads in Spanish.

Has Biden announced his choice?


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So an anti Biden ad makes a claim and it’s now a fact? I think if he had done such a thing it would be big news.

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Biden has committed to selecting a woman VP. The most recent list include several African-American women but no Hispanics.

Of course he did promise to appoint the first African-American woman to the Senate back in February. Can anyone tell me what that means?

“I’m looking forward to appointing the first African-American woman to the United States Senate," Biden, a former U.S. senator, said. Senators are only appointed by state governors in special cases. Otherwise, they’re chosen by voters in statewide elections.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see an Hispanic woman added to the list to give the appearance of consideration.

Yeah, this will definitely get Latinos on Trump’s side. What an excellent piece of unearned media to spend your money on.


Below is a very short quote from the article. They don’t even HAVE the shortlist, they can say anything they want to and just make it up.

Here are some of the women who are said to be on the shortlist.

Is it Joe Biden’s short list or someone else’s opinion?

This ad supports two old white men how?

Committee to defend the president. It’s a Trump ad basically.

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Of course it is. I hope they keep pointing out how few there are in his own administration…what idiots.

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Amazing isn’t it? put this link or another one in your OP please

We don’t do OPs with just a tweet.

That will have an effect.

No it’s not.

Want to bet sig lines for a month?

Nope, but I sure ain’t gonna believe it without seeing some solid evidence. :slight_smile:

That the pick is not Latina. We’ll know before the end of the week.

From consideration for what?

Vice President?

How does one become entitled to be chosen for this office?

Being black, radical left, and a democrat seems to be the primary consideration this year.

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