Never let a crisis go to waste

Possibly it is providence that mitigated the spread on the virus in China. No impact on Shanghai or Beijing.
It may have been divine intervention that China isolated Wuhan so quickly.
Perhaps China is populated by God’s chosen people due to their faith and virtue.
Anything is possible.
Perhaps it was just a bat in a market.
Or, perhaps it was an accidental infection at a lab that ravaged the locked down local population.

But, the question must be asked. Why were Wuhan residents not allowed to travel in China but they were allowed to travel to major cities all over the world?
Never let a crisis go to waste.
Maybe it is just bad luck for the West. Maybe it was an act of war.
In either case how should the world respond?
A) pretend it was just an accident
b) isolate the Chinese economy and invest at home
c) take military action
D) Blame Trump
e) resign to Chinese domination

Blame Trump…

Citation needed.

Why blame Trump? Lets worship the ground Donald Trump walks on.

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This seems to be the crux of your post. Could you expound on this?

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Seeing as how the initial infection was in Mid November and China didn’t identify that there was a novel virus until a little over a month later, the virus left the province long before anyone knew what was going on.

anonymous report and sourcing, still has to be believed

No it doesn’t. The article you provided above doesn’t mention anything about people from Wuhan traveling internationally once they were put on lockdown.

I believe that in conservative world, the absence of evidence is one of the strongest proofs that something must have happened, because the coverup is already in place.

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Now anonymous sources are good? Fake news

China stopped internal flights out of Wuhan on Jan 23. They did not stop international flights out of Wuhan until Feb 3 or 4.

Gotta link?

I am not sure any person should be to excited taking over such and indebted nation on the verge of possible economic collapse. Could be four years of hell and then booted out.


how many stories about conservatives come from undisclosed sources?

Doesn’t matter. The articles don’t even prove your original point, undisclosed sources or not.

Your point was that they were allowed to travel after the lock down. You haven’t provided evidence of that.

Those links do not support your claim.