Netherlands PM speaks before Parliament to remember the liberation of Netherlands during WWII

Canadian PM and Dutch PM join together in the house of common to give joint addresses thanking the member’s of the Canadian armed forces that liberated the Netherlands on May 5th 1945

Don White a WWII veteran and Solider who took part in the liberation was present and was given a standing ovation.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte stood before Parliament today to thank Canada for its role in the liberation of the Netherlands during the Second World War — and to warn that the global stability those soldiers fought to preserve is now in peril.

Rutte said the Dutch people feel a “deep connection” with Canada and paid tribute to the 7,600 Canadian soldiers who died in the campaign. They made the ultimate sacrifice and made the Netherlands their final resting place, he said.

“We are forever grateful to those brave Canadian soldiers who carried the light of freedom to our country in its darkest hour,” he said. “This, we will never forget. Thank you, Canada.”

Short video about the relationship between the two countries.