Netanyahu, through his crony Speaker Edelstein, shuts down democracy in Israel under blatantly false pretenses

how is it that gantz, who’s party came in 2nd to likud, is given the first opportunity by rivlin to form a gov’t

bb should fight this.

gantz also lied to the israeli people saying he would not form a coalition with the muslim block… and yet this is precisely what he’s attempting to do.

Because 61 (50% + 1) members of the Knesset recommended to Rivlin that Gantz should be given the opportunity.

As the founders said, certain truths are “self evident.” There is no justification for what Speaker Edelman did.

Netanyahu is a desperate man and desperate men will do anything to cling on to power.

Netanyahu knows once the Knesset opens, Edelman will be ousted and replaced by a member of Blue and White, which will give Gantz control of the legislative process. Once that happens, a bill will pass rendering Knesset Members under indictment ineligible to hold any ministry including Prime Minister. Netanyahu will be kicked to the curb.

Netanyahuy and Edelman know this and are acting in the manner of desperate men. This is self evident and I will not engage in any attempt to prove what every reasonable person already knows.

As the previous poster indicated, Gantz got 61 Members (an outright majority of the 120 Member Knesset) to support his bid to form a government. As he has the support of a majority, President Rivlin was obligated to give him the first chance to form a government.

not how it works. first likud is given the opportunity, if they fail, then they get their chance. this is how its always worked

No that isn’t how it work.

Its up to the elected member to select who given the chance when no party hold a majority.
the office of Prime Minster is ELECTED by the House.

and apparently the house has chosen

The upside to this. :smile:

In 18 months, Benny Gantz will be Prime Minister.

Mass protest over this.

There is only one “House”, the Knesset.

The PM is elected either by the Majority Party or by forming a coalition exactly as was done in this case.

From the article above.

Gantz tweeted: “We prevented a fourth election. We will protect democracy. We will battle corona and we will worry about all the citizens of Israel.”

lol… yeah, they’re mad at gantz.

he blew it. first by lying and trying to form a coalition with the muslim block, then by surrendering.

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wanna bet?

Not likely as it would require another attempt at coalition building for him to win an outright vote.

Some of these folks are just fuming because Bibi kept his office and hasn’t already been drug off in chains to prison.

prison isn’t in his future. the allegations against him are fairly minor and politics as usual. Israel is going through its own problems with the opposition trying to make politics they don’t like illegal. it all revolves around press coverage from a pro bb publication. i guess they have their own “fake news” from the left and right. unless thats changed, thats what i had read about it a while back.

Spend a year or so over there, their entire system is insane and liberal academia in this country has nothing on their compartriots in Israel who are living under the delusion that if it became official policy to placate the terrorists suddenly everything would be back to “Land of Milk and Honey” in the Holy Land.

Either they are just stupid or they flat have no concept of the fact the Muslim Terrorists and their Supporters have no intention of quitting until the last Jew is Dead or Driven into the sea.

The Athiest or otherwise non religious Jewish Academics that refuse to be converted by force would be among the first to be killed if the Islamists ever gained control.