Netanyahu, through his crony Speaker Edelstein, shuts down democracy in Israel under blatantly false pretenses

Speaker of the Knesset Edelstein, a member of Likud and a very close crony of Netanyahu, has kept the newly elected Knesset closed, preventing any committee organization or legislative activity. Of course, he is playing the Coronavirus excuse. Of course, everybody knows that he is doing for Netanyahu’s and his own political survival.

Edelstein knows that there are 61 votes to remove Edelstein as Speaker and replace him with a member of Blue and White and 61 votes to pass legislation that would effectively remove Netanyahu from office immediately. This closure is a blatant move to prevent that from happening.

President Rivlin has condemned this move and Blue and White and other members will appeal to the Israeli Supreme Court to force the Knesset to open.

I think this action by Edelstein/Netanyahu will do nothing but galvanize the opposition into quickly removing Likud from power once the Knesset is open.

Both men should be removed from office for this action, which demonstrates beyond a shadow of a doubt that neither can be trusted to govern in a democratic fashion.

If that means a minority government backed by the Joint List, so be it.

Found the foreign government corruption, in Israel again though so it’s cool.

Not exactly sure what your point is, elaborate please.

Well word on the street is the current administration is terribly interested in fighting corruption outside of its own ranks, but apparently that is only imaginary corruption in a former Soviet client state. Here’s actual corruption in a foreign government, again, so “found the corruption”. But it will be hand waved away by the same folks pretending that a certain administration is interested in anything resembling “fighting corruption “.

Enabling oreption snd being corrupt, yes they have that down well. Fighting it? Err not unless they think they’re going to get something out of it.

Shade of things to come here maybe

Well, not going to defend Trump on this, I don’t care for his ass kissing of Israel.

However, what is going on NOW is not corruption.

It borders on a coup d’ etat.

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I don’t think it will happen here.

Israel has no Constitution and thus no firm guidelines on the Knesset Speaker’s power. I think sooner or later popular pressure or the Israeli Supreme Court will force him to back down.

The United States has a Constitution and a provision which prevents the President from indefinitely adjourning the Congress.

If Trump is defeated, he may whine, stomp his feet, etc. But he will leave office on schedule.

I’d hope so…but he will flost suspending elections if the virus keeps going

If Trump delay the election, he would still stop being President on Jan 20th 2021
and Nacy Pelosi would be sworn in as his replacement.

I heard about that. He wouldnt be elected therefore punt

He cannot do any such thing. Only Congress can change the date of the General Elections.

Elections will be held on schedule. People may be encouraged to vote by mail instead of coming to the polls, but the election will happen on schedule.

Doesnt mean he cant float it…

Hypothetical question: If there were no November elections, wouldn’t the entire House and 1/3 Senate also be out of office in January?

Hypothetically yes.


Are there any verifiable facts that actually support all of your “everybody knows” declarations?

There’s a severe logical disconnect here as well since there is no pathway by which Netanyahu or Edelstein can remain in power with such a move.

At the very least they would be removed when the crisis is over or the courts order the reconvening of the Knesset.

Hosni Mubarak assumed Presidency after the assassination of Sadat he suspended election due to the state of emergency.

Egypt didn’t get a free election till the army deposed him 30 years later

Israel is not Egypt.

Netanyahu is a scumbag.
He tried to force Knesset to pass a bill granting him immunity to corruption charges.

Good for Bibi.

Yes…conservative’s do love themselves some executive power moves don’t they. *Unless it’s a liberal in office of course, then that makes it just plain ol’ tyranny.