NEGATIVE NANCY: Pelosi TRASHES Coal Power, Mocks West Virginia Ahead of Midterms | Sean Hannity

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi unloaded on the President’s recent decision to rescind Obama-era regulations on coal-fired power plants this week, citing her religious values and saying “with all due respect to West Virginia” we won’t be having new coal plants.

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This woman seems to have a anxiety or mild bipolar. She has never been grounded.Even as she said healthcare.If anyone wants the truth let me know I will send you actual rates today a family of 4 can easily be between 1,300-2,900.Maybe when she has been doing her face lifts so she thinks she will look a few years younger they have poisoned her thinking.


Yes - God fearing Nancy - look what you did to our healthcare, raising my BlueCross full coverage policy from $534/month to over $1,130/month over night after you conned the brig into voting for disasterous O’care that also robbed from Social Security and other taxpayer paid benefits to cover you beloved illegal criminals, murders and rapists living off of the taxpayers. You are really deplorable Nancy - you have hurt the whole nation in many aspects, not just the coal industry. You will do anything for your party to win power. I am applying for a job with your agency - it will be the only job left when you are done - the rich and powerful and the slaves - history repeats itself.


Nancy needs to start worshipping the Creator and not the creation. When God destroys this earth with fire will she criticize Him for ruining the creation?

The face lifts have stretched her skin so tight it is squeezing her pea brain!

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Nancy is a gift that keeps on giving, remember right after the 2008 election she said the democrats would not loose an election in the next 50 years. At that time she did not know how bad she, Reid and Obama were.


Hey Nancy I need $15,000 crumbs to repair my home and as a Disabled Veteran I would appreciate those crumbs very much. How about it?


Fancy Nancy is looney tooney!


Nancy lost her marbles and her brain has been squeezed to the size of a pea from her regular Botox treatment so what space is left allows her to gather babble, babble and stupid stuff. All of a sudden she has pulled God into her craziness! Isn’t this a women that is pro abortion! I think she needs to apologize to God … who cares … the devil has the doors wide open and waiting for her to bring her tribe of idiots along and that list includes all Demo-Rats and the RHINOS. Every day is a surprise … what will this goon say tomorrow!!!

Most people agree, we need to protect God’s creation. To do this, me must first get rid of people like Pelosi!

In a futuristic, fantasy imagination, there are no coal plants nor Nuclear plants. Factories, homes, schools and businesses are heated and cooled by some unknown energy force from deep space. It can’t be explained, but the world is grateful! Go Nancy!!!

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She should look at all those dirty needles and human feces on her own city’s streets! Not to mention the trash in the MILES of homeless camps that are a filthy third world right in the middle of what was once a beautiful city!! Now it’s a cesspool!! Go get another facelift, Nancy! You’re looking pretty TIRED!!

This ding bat needs to invite all the illegals to come live with her and her other liberal idiots! All Nancy and her like kind do is take pity on all illegals!! Why … because they are counting on their votes (2 or 3 per person and maybe more since most can’t speak or understand English). The liberals will be near or in the voting booth to help the illegals put their X in the right box! Yes sirree … sure… and the old Botox bag will be there with that plastered on fake smile thanking them for their support. And after the election … do you think those Demo-Rats will care one IOTA about the illegals? I think we all know how the Demo-Rats feel after they get what they want … most of those illegals will be considered trash, dumpster rats or to use Hillery’s famous words - DEPLORABLE!!

Coal is so yesterday. Why can’t the US follow the rest of the world in entering the 21st Century? Most European countries are going green. Poor US, we’re about to be a 3rd world country.

Nelson, I was thinking something similar myself. She fidgets a lot which to me means she either has an anxiety disorder or she’s nervous because she’s lying???

Mike, I wish you all the best and thank you so much for your service to this great nation…

It’s gotten to the point to were it’s actually sad to watch her speak.