Need info/sources on Michael Bloomberg’s bankruptcies

Hello fellow deplorables,
A little while back Sean Hammett spoke about all the bankruptcies that Michael Bloomberg has had. Can anyone point me to a source for this information? A couple liberal coworkers are saying it is BS. Any help to show them the light would help tremendously.


Have you tried googling to see if it’s true or not?

Bloomberg has massive control of the media and internet. If you search “Bloomberg and bankruptcies” even the good news is missing, this is how I know that it is scrubbed.

Sorry for the misspelling of Hannity, typing on a phone and I didn’t catch the autocorrect.

Bloomberg has never had any declared bankruptcies. Your liberal co-workers were correct. Glad to have been of service. Welcome to the forum.


I see… the absence of proof is clearly supporting evidence.

You’re gonna fit right in here :wink: Welcome aboard.

Also, if you’re a Trump supporter, and you’re trying to rush back to your buddies with info on Bloomberg’s supposed bankruptcies… all I can say is I’d love to be a fly on that wall. lol.

I don’t believe in conspiracy theories like this. Google knows everything. The Internet is forever.

I understand, but it does not make sense that a venture capitalist, who has funded 1,000s businesses, never had one fail. Shark tank investors, poor in compared to MB’s wealth, talk about how many of their gambles have failed. Occam’s Razor.

Michael Bloomberg is not a venture capitalist.

I’m not aware of any businesses that he’s been involved in aside from the one that bears his name.

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He started a firm.


Is that what you’re talking about? If any of the companies he’s funded have gone bankrupt?

Here’s a list of companies that Bloomberg Beta has invested in:

I don’t think Bloomberg the man has any personal involvement in Bloomberg Beta.

Yes, the ones that he started up or acquired.

Are you sure you didn’t men to speak of trump’s bankruptcies?

I am willing to bet that Trump has many more bankruptcies and failed businesses that are hidden.

If he funds businesses with his own money and they fail, he’s just out his money.

It’s not like he buys a business and then drives it into the ground.

This is a piece critical of Bloomberg and several of his failures while in office. (He had several “appointing people with no experience to high positions” moments of his own for example)

If he’d had any bankruptcies they’d have mentioned it.

There was enough critical stuff without that.