NECK AND NECK: Republicans ‘Show Strength’ in Early Voting, Races Tightening Across US

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New election data released Wednesday suggests Republicans may have a slight lead in early voting across the US; dampening expectations for the media’s predicted “blue wave” less than two weeks before Americans head to the polls

According to Fox News, “Early voting numbers from several key battleground states now show Republican voters turning out in far greater numbers than Democratic ones, signaling an initial GOP surge that may dull the prospects of a so-called ‘blue wave’ on Nov. 6.”

“Republican voters have taken the lead in turnout numbers in Georgia, Indiana, Montana, Texas, Tennessee, Florida and Arizona – states that Fox News analyses show are the scenes of close and pivotal House, Senate and gubernatorial races,” adds the article.

The tightening races are prompting leading Democrats -including DNC Chair Tom Perez and Sen. Bernie Sanders- to reduce expectations of a total progressive take-over this November.

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