NBA Playoffs Thread

Halfway through round one:

  1. Are the Cavs getting bounced in Round one?
  2. Warriors up 3-0, looking like they are dialed in.
  3. Uh, Blazers? You’re on the verge of being bounced by a #6 seed.
  4. I wish the Wolves had done better.

Cavs aren’t that great this year.

I am not usually a basketball fan, but the presence of the 76ers has piqued my interest.

Greatest athletes in the world and we can never get much of a NBA thread going here.

It’s odd. But to be honest, my interest in the NBA peaked in the 1990s and has been on a long slow decline ever since. I don’t know what changed, honestly, apart from my interest in spectator sports diminishing overall and always preferring football and hockey over hoops anyway.

Certainly doesn’t help when the Suns are absolute crap, like this year. :wink:

Western conference boring as usual…hopefully rockets put up a fight against warriors. Cavs can pull it off in the east but can’t win championship. Even though LeBron is the king of the east at least every year he’s advanced to the finals has been competitive. Warriors just sweeping everyone. Bleh. Durant ruined the NBA. LeBron never had his championship runs handed to him on a platter. Celtics look really good. Scary to picture them with Hayward and kyrie

If you guys haven’t watched Kobe’s “detail” series they are really good

Hoot! Sixers aren’t dead yet!

It’s the Cavaliers vs. Warriors again.

I pick Warriors in six.

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or 5… :point_up_2:

Got my broom ready for tonight!!!