Navy orders 9 additional Virginia-class submarines for $22.2 Billion

They’ll be bigger, displacing 10,200 tons compared to 7,800 on the current subs; they’ll be longer, 460 feet compared to 377 feet; and they’ll have substantial more firepower, with the ability to launch strikes with 40 Tomahawk cruise missiles, compared to just 12 on the current ships.

These will all be Block V series subs of the Virginia-class. As you can see from the excerpt from the linked article above, they will be substantially larger with more missile capacity.

This purchase is in direct response to the PLAN’s rapid buildup.

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Much better use of navy money the the LCS or nonworking supercarriers.

Are these going to just be missile boats or MMB’s carrying SEALS as well?

I am not certain, I am thinking at least a couple of MMB’s are in the foreseeable future, not sure if they will be in this group.

I was remembering from somewhere that the MMB’s would be the next major expansion along with the brown water ships.

I don’t keep up with Naval Appropriations and Planning like you do though.

Hopefully the new frigates down the line will not at all be like the LCS’s.

It would be a significant appropriation to insert a multi-mission module into a Virginia-class and at this time, I don’t recall any such appropriation having been made.

For now, the USS Jimmy Carter is pretty much it in that department.

Not really, you eliminate some tubes or convert them, add an escape trunk and add a compartment for their mini’s.

The first MMB’s simply converted some tubes, added an escape trunk, and a compartment for same.

There is nothing “simple” or “inexpensive” about making such a modification. :smile: I suspect by the time the necessary research and develop and actual conversion is done on such a module, the modification costs will be, at a minimum, in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

Big Navy needs to ramp up their ASW assets again. Bring back the war Hoover!

with 22 billion Canada can’t even buy a single boat our Navy is awful.

It’s off the shelf tech we’ve been using since WWII.

You don’t need much of a navy since you have been depending on ours for protection for many decades, same with your air force.

It required an $887 Million contract extension on the USS Jimmy Carter to add the multi-mission module. That is in ADDITION to the base cost of the submarine.

I guarantee you that the necessary modifications to the selection submarine will be in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

You should consider yourself blessed that you don’t have to spend your national treasure on the military. :smile:

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That comes with having the largest population of polar-bears.

The JC was a first in a modern nuclear sub which is always much more costly.

It’s literally off the shelf tech today. I don’t think it would be that difficult or expensive with these.

That’s gunna raise sea level. :wink:

It is good to mention though that this is a reduced order. The original budget was for 11. Just FYI. But I think that had something to do with a lot of construction delays.

It’s alright bud.

At one time you guys had the third largest navy in the world. After the United States and the UK. Right after World War II the Canadian Navy was incredibly impressive.