NANNY STATE: UK Stores Ordered to ‘SHRINK PIZZAS, REMOVE TOPPINGS’ Under New Law | Sean Hannity

The United Kingdom took its war against obesity to the next-level this week; instituting new rules and regulations that may require supermarkets and restaurants to “shrink pizzas” or “remove toppings” under the harsh guidelines.

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Two things that stood out to me. The first, and from the link,

"Consumers are saying they want smaller portions and healthier options.”

Obviously not or they wouldn’t have the obesity problem they claim to have. Most people that walk into a McDonald’s or pizzeria aren’t there looking for healthy options.

The second was this, from the full story.

We know that just having healthy options on the menu won’t change the nation’s habits - we need the default option to have fewer calories.”

At least they recognize the obvious in the first part of the sentence, but completely fail at the end. If I choose the default option and it’s half of what I normally get, I’m ordering two defaults. You can’t trick people with this. Similar to what New York City tried to do with limiting soft drinks to 16 ounces. Hello! You can limit it to 4 ounces, it’s not getting the desired result.

Well I think we should go to the docks of our ports, dressed as native Americans, and dump the cases of shrunken removed topping UK Pizzas into the harbors until the UK stops forcing us to endure their NANNY STATE oppression!

Down with UK Pizza!