NANCY UNHINGED: Pelosi Dismisses Historic Middle East Peace Deals as Trump’s ‘Distractions’ from CoVID

LOL this is coming from the same Pelosi who recently just broke her own covid rules by going into a Hair salon that was closed down.
Why should anyone believe Pelosi on Covid when she herself has broken her own rules?

“Rules for you but not for me come to mind”


Well, now we know why libs can’t stand peace.

Libs like Pelosi fully support radical lockdowns this is why are they upset with Trump they want lockdowns.

Nancy Antoinette Pelosi.

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OK. Pretty good distraction then.


“Hopefully it will be beneficial to the region,” said Pelosi. “Good for him for having a distraction on a day when the numbers of people who are dying from this virus only increased.”

Distraction? What is he supposed to do, waive a magic wand and make all of the boo boos go away?

Speaking of COVID, looks like the Dems are getting pretty tired of her holding up the stimulus bill.

Then, there’s this :rofl:


He bowed down after that little shot.

He did that on purpose.

Would have been perfect to compliment her hair also.



He said he has respect for the office not her.

I think he did it on purpose as well :laughing:

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If Democrats really care about the rest of Americans and their own voters/supporters they should just be quiet and support the stimulus bill its almost like the democrats had being trying pass through some unwanted things in the bill.

That’s actually an excellent perspective. Anyone who doesn’t agree with me that we are entering the roaring 20s and that World War III is just around the corner and some people were predicting 9/11 in the 80s should just be quiet and support that position no matter how much they may disagree with it or how inappropriate it may be.