NANCY’S NIGHTMARE: Rand Paul Proposes Moving ‘State of the Union’ Address to US Senate | Sean Hannity

Sen. Rand Paul directly rebuked Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s recent comments that suggested President Trump delay his annual State of the Union address; urging the Commander-in-Chief to hold the event in the United States Senate.

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I think President Donald Trump should jump at the chance. It may start a new way of looking at our Republic. Maybe we should have the state of the union in the different houses.

I think it is a good idea but I still like the thought of the President speaking from a podium in front of the locked House doors. I think that would be an outstanding visual.

I think he should deliver it at the border, with a backdrop of visual coverage of the last caravan attacking US border officials, side-by-side with real-time coverage of the new caravan headed our way. I think it would also be appropriate to honor angel moms and dads by having them seated in a row behind him.

Nancy refused a face to face with a group of Angel families even though she was in her office. Having them at the State of the Union will be the only way to get them to be seen by her but I bet she never even glances in their direction.