NANCY’S NIGHTMARE: Pelosi’s Poll Numbers PLUNGE After Shutdown | Sean Hannity

A new NBC News / Wall Street Journal Poll shows big trouble for the recently sworn-in Speaker of the House; revealing Nancy Pelosi’s approval ratings significantly dropped after the five-week long government shutdown.

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The polls seem to be skewed as usual. Judging from the contacts I have and the communications directly and via email and even Facebook and Twitter, they are very understated. The real truth for polls for President Trump are much higher, and the polls for Nancy are very much lower. It is ridiculous to even look at any of the polls for any validity even if you only used those for the 2016 as an example.

The MSM trash is doing every thing they can to make President Trump look bad and that ordinary citizens won’t vote for him.

I too agree that the polls for Pelosi are much lower and President Trump’s are much higher. Only a moron wants open borders, more welfare, weaker defense.

There should be no winner or loser between Pelosi or President Trump when it comes to the discussions about border security. Every comment I heard was the same when the shutdown ended. “Pelosi won that one”. What exactly did she win? It is not a game. Sadly, the morons that we elected to go to Washington and work on our behalf to help make this a better place for everyone, seem to expend most of their energy on their selfish selves. Time to extrapolate the word “STATESMAN” from Websters?

The other 28% are lost in space.

lol thanks for the giggle!:laughing:

Same here…I sometimes think it is hopefulness on my part but no…no one ants to go down the Cortez, Sanders, etc path…it will mean ruination for the country…keep the faith