Nancy Pelosi: China would prefer Joe Biden

Nancy Pelosi has admitted that China would prefer Joe Biden honestly that wouldn’t be surprising.
An Joe Biden admin would not punish China’s gov for the virus or other issues and China’s gov probably knows that Joe Biden admin would be weaker on foreign policy.


Where’s the rest of the video?

I am surprised you are actually going to be defending her? democrats are weak on Foreign policy. Remember Libya? or whatever happened to Libya? what a mess that turned out to be for the Obama admin ugh?

Last time i checked Libya is still a mess and its a mess which Obama admin and dems owned it.

You ever notice how many dimocrat politicians just gush and gush about how great chinese airports and cities are?? They ignore the fact that many of those airports and some of those cities were swamps and empty land not that long ago until the great American cash giveaway helped the communists build that country.

china already made their contribution to the biden campaign.