NANCY GOES NUCLEAR: Pelosi Calls GOP Immigration Bill a ‘Compromise with the DEVIL’ | Sean Hannity

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi trashed her Republican colleagues this week, saying their recent push to solve the escalating border crisis was a “compromise with the devil.”

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DEMORATS DO NOT WANT 1.WORLD PEACE 2. HEALTHY ECONOMY 3. IMMIGRATION PROBLEM FIXED—it does not play into their socialist agenda.

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If Nancy iss against it, then it must be good for America.

Tucker, Sean, Laura: all ur shows should do what Hannity did, over & over again, until the MTE: show Obama detentions, Pelosi, Shumer, Hillary>all gave Obama a pass while current arguing against now>what they were in favor of when Obama was in power. It is Congress the elected body, that is responsible for this mess, continues it>Deep state Rep&Dems.

POTUS should go on prime time, live TV, speak direct to the nation, not tweets. Repeat again& show clips from those hypocrit Dems, what Hannity pointed out about these hypocrits; have all the Trump women, surrounding him; as he addresses the nation condemning Congress for failing to solve this problem for decades. Combine 1 primetime,;with local rallies, like POTUS is already doing preMTE.

Rally cry needs to move from ‘lock her up’ to an Apprentice msg to congressional members who are the problem, either they pass immigration reform by october, b4 MTE, or voters use their votes to tell both obstructionist Dems & Rep’s ‘you’re fired!’ vote them out of office- bet they quickly push a bill to the WH for POTUS signature.

Do the same after MTE, POTUS goes on prime-time TV, tells the nation he wants them to protest Congressional members, until they pass health care reform to send him, if not vote them out of office in 2020>>>rally cry again, ‘you’re fired!’/ @Hannity, tell POTUS to follow Regan tactics, appeal/go directly to the nation>the problem is never Clinton, Bush, Obama, or Trump; clearly Congress is the deep state barrier to meaningful change—for some reason the voters are like leemings in following the media naratives, that both sides of Congress like to use to make excuses for their failure to act, blame the president…like a balanced budget b4 our children’s generation become a nation of 3rd world spiraling debt it can never payoff<<<China will hold all of our debt if they succeed in their master plan of being #! in tech by 2025?

CNN is not ‘fake news’, they carried Krauthammer’s death as breaking news immediately. Put that name into search on MSNBC last night, still only a yr old column of his against Trump, not a word about his death at all…MSNBC is not fake news, they are worst than that, just a tabloid entertainment show that unlike similar “The View”, runs 24/7& makes even the National Enquirer seem like it has more credibility, lol. Too the Deep State Congress, pass immigation reform and send it to POTUS for signature now, work thru the summer w/o pay if neceesary, do their job, or we voters need to tell them via the ballot box: “you’re fired!”

After all that, we need someone close to Hope Hicks’ youthful age/perspective in the WH as the new communications director…> lefties would be furious> iCandy Owens as the new WHCD. She could get a working group/committee of blk billionaires like Ohphra, team owners, M.Jordan, Magic Johnson, along with Ye&Kim, a round table to work with community leaders, police unions, local/state gov’s, etc>get those misguided spoiled wealthy sports celebs, white to blk; get them go work in the communities, for the communities to find solutions: police did not kill hundreds/yr in Chicago, blk on blk violence & insidious conditions/culture that perpetuates this> gov is the problem and is also the solution…working with private enterprise(pro sports orgs, etc)…it can be done if there is a will to do so.

Hell, Oprah can donate 1/3rd of her $3bil estate to fund research into programs that will make a difference, she could even win a Nobel Peace prize for it, lol. Kneeling in front of the flag just creates division, not solutions. Kapernicks)(sp) & all the other sports celebs can say Fu to Trump, so easy. Now what will they say if they cannot find those ‘easy’ solutions they think will happen, it’s not so easy to solve these issues??? Will DeNiro go on his immature rants and tell Kapernick “Fu” if/when Kapernick et all, fails to solve all the inequities Kap thinks should not exist post MLK?

Another idiot…
He and Piglosi need to be removed.
It’s a disgrace to have retards like those two in the Gov.
Plus…that Maxine the Big Foot…OMG…
No wonder we’re in trouble.
Just look at those 3.

If we follow the left’s immigration policy this will cease to be a country any more with lawlessness running amok. There is a right way and a wrong way to come to this country and many liberals during a Republican presidency does not care whether they follow the laws made by congress or not. When Democrats are in office, then they have no problem following the rule of law.

We have accepted enough immigrants. America is closed.