Nadler rejects DOJ offer on Barr contempt vote


Our Department of Justice is trying to negotiate what info they will turn over to Congress. The House is preparing a contempt charge for our Attorney General.

Our Department of Justice is trying to avoid that and renegotiate what gets turned over.

If you’re formally a person who promoted transparency in government, now is your time to stand up and speak out.

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Your version of events is false. “ouse Democrats said on Tuesday that they were willing to renew negotiations with the Justice Department over access to the special counsel’s full report and investigative files, but rejected a call to pre-emptively cancel a House vote to hold Attorney General William P. Barr in contempt.”

The Democrats clearly are willing to negotiate on the release of the Mueller Report but are not willing to use the promise of negotiations as a basis for dropping previous requests that they (and almost all legal scholars) believe to be legitimate…

There is a pattern emerging that whenever William Barr is involved in something the public will face a blizzard of lies.

arest him,steve mnuchin,hope hicks and every one else who ignored a subpoena. Also file a complaint with the bar association and gave barr disbarred.