NAACP Image Awards...Smollett Nominated

NAACP Image Awards are going to be live on March 30th. Jussie Smollett has been nominated. Isnt that fantastic! I mean his numerous charges were dropped so he must be innocent. And look at what he has done for the image! No one is more deserving. Hope he wins the award.

You are joking about his being nominated for any such thing, right? Link?

You know, at this point, he might actually be the most honest liberal around.

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I hope he wins and spotlights lib hypocrisy. The NAACP can rejoice too…it’s a great for supporting preferential treatment based on your status in society. …and here I was thinking all along…Dr. King was against such treatment?

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Very confused. All the charges against him were dropped. They are nominating him for his performance on Empire or whatever show he is on.

No hypocrisy because there’s nothing contradictory.

…cept there’s 16 times a non-political, grand jury disagrees with that. Now just stop.

It’s pretty idiotic to nominate this lying ■■■■■■ bag for an “Image Award,” in my opinion.

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The charges were dropped.

K…so all those on the grand jury and the police force that were not politically motivated in this, that said otherwise are wrong …and you choose to stand with the sole decision of Ms. Foxx who at first…recused herself? If that’s your choice, it’s a free country but please understand, you’re choosing on your own volition to side with corruption IMO.

Yeah but it’s pretty obvious that he made the whole thing up.

He’s an ■■■■■■■■ There are victims of racism every day. Because of what he did there are people who will ignore true instances of racism.

To respond to both posters: don’t care. Innocent until proven guilty. That’s our system. You want a different system, move to Russia or North Korea.

The personal life of these guys don’t matter. They are for ACTING.

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That’s the whole point my friend, it didn’t go to trial. It was corrupt. Why did she at first recuse herself and then enter back into it after the grand jury indictments? Be honest…why? I’ll give you a hint…there’s texts between her and Ms. Tchen that makes it very plain. Now…insert your honesty here…

According to Wikipedia, the award is given for “excellence in film, television, music, and literature.”

I think what’s unfortunate is its title - calling it an “image” award and then nominating someone whose image is as suspect as Smollett’s right now is bad optics. In any event, he didn’t win:

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“Exaggerate & Dash”. Ironically enough, most people would be charged for ordering a meal and leaving before it was paid in a restaurant. Here’s Jussie Smollett allowed to create such a phony story, stiff the taxpayers and City of Chicago and take off! Now, to top it off, NAACP now going to give him an award!
Instead of presenting him a trophy on stage…Law Enforcement should be handcuffing on stage.

Its an acting award. Smollett is a lying dbag which gives a lot of irony in the name of the awards but some of the poutrage over this small part of the issue is silly.

Its absolutely right to be angry over how he faked a hate crime, wasted hundreds of thousands of tax payer dollars in the investigation, and hurt race relations. But none of that has anything to do with his acting on the show.

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Smollett should win. If he can act innocent when it’s no question he’s lying, he wins again but the name should be changed to the Sheople Award because he’s really a baaaaaaaaa, baaaaaaaaa, baaaaaaaaad actor.

While ‘image award’ sounds like character is included, other posters are correct about the NAACP Image Award being awarded for performance in the arts:

Character judgement comes in the next life.


That is how the state must treat you.

People are under no obligation to treat you like you’re innocent and it is incredibly short-sighted for the NAACP to honor him with an award, as if there are no actors who also project a positive personal image that they may want to honor.

I guess there just aren’t enough black actors to be able to find one who isn’t a piece of crap, too.

Giving him an award called an “image Award” no matter what it actually is, is giving him cover to people who will think it is validation of what he claims. Why would the NAACP do this for him?