My traitorous forefathers honored with a new coin

MY forefathers revolted against the Canadian government in 1869 for equal representation under the law, which we won and with it the creation of Manitoba.

Manitoba is honouring its root this year by making a coin with the image of Louis Riel the leader of the rebellion who was tried for treason and hung.

The Royal Canadian Mint has issued a new coin featuring a portrait of Louis Riel, an important Métis leader and the founder of Manitoba.

The coin was launched on the 175th anniversary of Riel’s birth.

It is also the first coin to be engraved with Michif, the official language of the Métis Nation.

Riel was central to the Red River and North-West resistances to assert Indigenous rights and stop the Canadian encroachment on Métis land.

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I don’t think it was 1969

lol 1869 my mistake, a number of my relative were arrested but were released without charges for their part.

I was going to say that didn’t look right that a country like Canada would execute someone by hanging second half of the 20th century

You would be surprised, the last person hung in Canada was a murderer in 1963.

Oh dang, pretty crazy how rapidly our values change.

France was still beheading people in the 70’s.