My Swing district tilting BLUE (NJ-07) (9-20-2018)

Latest poll is out

Interesting the R (Lance) is winning the non college educated vote but the D (Malinowski) is winning the college educated vote.

Lucky the college graduation rate is very high the district.

oh yes and it the home of the Trump National Course (the summer white house)

its gonna be sweet come election night when Dover (heavily Democratic) puts the D over the top.


It’s interesting how the dems get the college educated vote, unless the college educated is in the financial/banking fields.

Anyone in the 7th who votes for Lance is an idiot. All Malinowski has to do is bring up the Tax Bill and remind everyone in those toney neighborhoods in Union, and Somerset counties how screwed they’re going to be.

Sure, Lenny was one of 12 Rs to vote against it, but leadership doesn’t give a ■■■■ what he thinks and him being a republican helps keep the republicans in charge, so they can roll over for trump and do his bidding and leave him unchecked.

Half my town is in the 7th (I used to be, but am now in the 12th). There’s a candidate forum for the 7th in a few weeks at the JCC on the south side of town. I may have to go check it out.

I’m sure all the financial/banking people in Jersey living in 800K+ homes (not to mention the 2nd homes down the shore), paying 20K/yr taxes (especially in Lance’s district) are going to love having their SALT deductions capped at 10K

Bedminster, Far hills…etc…

Yeah those people…

I mean Dover is working class hispanic but the upper crust is going D this out.

I saw the saw phenomenon in Chatham in 2016. Rock-ribbed republicans voting for hillary.

It’s like they knew something…I used to be in 11 and got redistricted in 2012 to 7