My Prayer for Our Nation

That is beautiful! Not only that, if it is video, it is something you can keep down through the years for people to enjoy for a long time.

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I’m wondering what Jesus has to do with anything. I don’t like gods or their children. Or their grandchildren

Yet here you are in a religion forum. :slight_smile:

People of faith believe in God. Those of the Christian faith believe Jesus is God’s Word (as spoken in Genesis); was born with a mission speak of God’s great love for us, and that He is in our midst in good times and in bad; on bright hillsides and in the dark valleys.

I don’t think anything was said about Jesus in Genesis.

The beginning of the Gospel of John ties Jesus (the Word with God) in with the creation story in Genesis.

That’s not in the Book of Genesis. Why not?

Why should it have been as the story in Genesis is about creation. The book of Genesis had other purposes. Stories, even biographies, take one thing at a time and present it before moving on.

How is Jesus tied into the book of Genesis?

John’s Gospel begins:

In the beginning was the Word,
and the Word was with God,
and the Word was God.
He was in the beginning with God

Genesis: God said… …and there was. God’s Word created.

Anyway, that is Christian philosophy. Usually people who choose no religious philosophy stick with the Big Bang and evolution and leave philosophy out of it. That is fine, too. It all depends on what one is interested in exploring. I enjoy exploring both.

You didn’t answer my question about Jesus. That’s OK. Creation doesn’t concern me except in the abstract. How we became what we are, what we think, why we believe what we believe, what is the nature of human behavior and what does that mean for our future . . . all those things are interesting and more. Creation is not part of that equation as far as I’m concerned. To me, it does’t concern god or his children. It concerns us, and what we do. Big bang or not.

Did you not understand my answer?

Guess not.

Probably my fault, as I am more than half asleep. I’ll say goodnight for now. It is has been quite a day–a good day at that.

I hear that. Me too. Nothing personal. I’m interested in the history of religions. Sweet dreams.

Thank you! I hope you slept well, too.

Let’s see if I can present John’s portrayal of Jesus being one with God more clearly. Genesis notes that creation occurred with God’s words. i.e., “Let their be light” and so there was. Words have power. John saw Jesus as the Word, the power of God, who became man. As you see, in John’s mind, the two are One…they cannot be separated. No Word, no creation; no speaking the Word, no creation.

“Let US Make man in OUR image.” - Genesis

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