My posts need approval?


So what does this mean and for how long?

Personally I never thought of my posts as edgy but maybe they are who knows :man_shrugging:



Yo said a no no word. There is a secret list of words that trigger approval.


certain words, phrases, and the way they are typed in trigger a part of the system that puts them on hold until a moderator can approve them.


Well I did not mean to trigger anyone, but I got it now, thanks for the clarification honestly


A post of mine just got flagged. I think it was because I used the word m o r o n to describe our president. The system seems a bit sensitive. And this must create a lot of work for the mods. I prefer the old system were other users can flag posts.


It actually cuts down on some of the work, but moron wasn’t the word.


Was it “Rick Santorum” :wink:

Thanks for the follow up.


Maybe? May have just been Santorum


Dang, it was Santorum. Fixed.


Haha. My post was totally a joke, and boom it was Rick. Funny.


Santorum is a dirty word.