My personal view of American party politics as it is played out in 2018

Essentially, the way I see the political party nonsense in the US right now playing out like this:

There are people on the deck screaming at each other over whether there should be more red chairs or more blue chairs on the deck. The fighting gets so intense that families stop speaking to each other, lifetime friendships end, and splinter fights start breaking out over even more petty issues.

Meanwhile, everyone has forgotten one important detail in the midst of all the fighting - the Titanic is sinking.

That, folks, is politics in America in 2018.

Congratulations on what America has devolved into.

Gotta love the people who always act like they’re “above it all” and haven’t contributed in any way to the current state.

Fact is, the libs were gleeful when obama and company ■■■■■■ over America for 8 years and STILL can’t get over an election loss more than 18 months after.

Another fact is, trump really hasn’t changed that much during his tenure. Sure he has undone some obama EOs and signed the tax bill, but last I checked, obamacare is still the law of the land, there’s no wall and liberals still want to eliminate the constitution.

Oh well.

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In 2008, " we" had an election and the losing half had to…and did…accept the results. In 2016, “we” had an election but this time, the losing 1/2 of the country can’t accept the results and that’s ll there is to it.

Interesting that I pretty much stated that both parties were part of the problem, yet there were two replies that assumed that I was just attacking Trump and was some kind of “lib.” Interesting - and quite telling.

For the record, I voted for neither Trump nor Obama, and was just as critical of Obama during his presidency.

But - those 2 replies kind of prove my point.


Oh, and as far as wanting to “eliminate the constitution” - that was laughable. My OP should have been pretty clear - I would rather eliminate both parties - in order to uphold the constitution. Both parties have been guilty of trashing the constitution.

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“To every thing there is a season,
and a time to every purpose under the heaven”

For me, it is not the season to be oh-so-fair and objective. Maybe some other time.

^ Shameless revisionist history.


How exactly are we sinking?

Essentially, I meant that in respect to getting our government stabilized in a way that it can move forward in a meaningful way to actually work on behalf of the American people. People are voting emotionally to “get even” with another party, and that leads to government stalemate and oneupsmanship by those in office.

It’s kind of a self destructive cycle. Granted - not everyone is voting that way, but enough are doing it that it’s hard to get anything productive done through government.

Partisan politics have Americans acting like damn, hypocritical, tribalistic, fools and if we can be honest it is ruining this country. We out here focusing on this my team vs. your team bull crap while these clowns on the Hill and the fool at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue are screwing ALL OF US.

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How do you propose that can happen when portions of both political spectrums continue to move further and further apart.

Nah, ain’t never gonna happen.

^^^^ proof ^^^^


You’ve “evolved”

Birthers didn’t. Birthers haven’t.

Trumpists won’t.

Obviously, we aren’t clones. It is my hope that even though our opinions differ, both of us reconsider what we said. We may change our opinions or…we may dig in deeper. Either way my friend, I mean you no harm. I consider us as teammates with opposing positions. This makes us both stronger, not weaker…as long as in our hearts…we both have each others back. Just so you’ll know…I have yours.

…and your back.

SO that makes your a Red Deck Chair person right?

The only thing he has changed is the civility of Americans toward one another. It doesn’t exist anymore…