Mustn't criticize Dear Leader if you want to remain a member of the CEC

A Conservative radio host in Denver was taken off air mid show for criticizing Trump. The cult is growing stronger…lol.

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If the station believes he’s hurting listenership and advertising dollars…that’s how biz works folks but…look at the bright side…almost ALL of MSM is looking for people like him. :sunglasses:

Yeah they managed to figure that out mid show, huh?

If they know their audience and were listening, I’d suggest that the offense happened before mid show but it took that long, giving their host the benefit of the doubt…for them to react? I’d guess that listeners began calling in, voicing their disagreement and that’s what set this off?

Sounds like he was also vaguely threatening, on air, to go work for rival media outlets.

Agreed that’s why fox binned Beck and o Riley and what Sean dropped the Seth rich hoax

I liked O’reilly. That doesn’t fit the narrative but concerning Beck…good riddens. Our host dropped the Seth Rich story because his family said they were being hurt by the story and there isn’t solid enough evidence to prove he was murdered for reasons associated with the DNC hack.

And pressure from advertisers but that’s all sorted now. I have to say I do like Bills books and also agree with you on beck

Look at us now…:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

And by" isn’t enough solid evidence" you mean absolutely none whatsoever with plenty to the contrary

I know I am all misty

I’d compare it to as much solid evidence to label it a botched robbery.

Im sure you would and like usual you would be making a false assumption based on absolutely nothing. Roger Stone straight up admitting to his information being fabricated

You like men who sexually harass women?

Roger who? Open your eyes my friend. What was his job? Anything happen at his workplace of any importance? If an event did happen, in what department? What’s the probability of being murdered, out in the open, in cold blood? How soon after the DNC event happened, did the murder take place? Was there anything stolen from the victim to conclude a robbery?

Should have read the comments.

Had nothing to do with Trump.

He was taunting the station about appearing on other stations, from the comments…

He stated that he was going to appear on some other stations and didn’t know how KNUS would respond to that. He said he didn’t care and would appear on the other stations regardless. At that time, he said he didn’t know if he would be back next week

It seems disingenuous to blame the firing on his comments. He made anti Trump comments before. Seems he was taunting the station on his new opportunities and they called his bluff.

Seems like swell thoughtful fellow…may he enjoy those 'other" stations unfettered.


Not enough evidence? Fox did a complete retraction and apology. It was completely fake.

…and rightfully so. Their story was based on speculation.

Maybe Bill Barr had a “mid-afternoon snack” with the radio station.

Bill Clinton hearts this post.