MURDER MILESTONE: London Homicide Rate Officially Tops 2017 After Bloody Weekend | Sean Hannity

The murder rate in the UK capital hit a “grim milestone” over the weekend, with a spat of stabbings and homicides matching the total statistics of 2017 in November and sparking fierce criticism of Mayor Sadiq Khan.

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The UK is about gone and this is according to people who live there. The U.S. is not hearing the truth of the problems in Europe. I read the international news daily. Having lived in Europe I know you have to read their news to know the news. Same when I lived in Asia. It is a sad thing the American people don’t know because what is happening there is on it’s way here. In Europe the Globalists and EU and UN used Muslims for the invasion, in America the UN and Globalists are using Hispanics, we already have eight years of Obama bringing in Muslims.