Mueller Warns of Active Russian Meddling


Produce the precedent where the owners and operators remain outside the county throughout the entire period.


I know that if they had proof that our president was under the control of Russia, they would protect the republic.

You disagree with that?


Are you siding with the Dutch and English over your own President?


His message was ‘popular’ among Republicans since he got about 93% of the Republican vote.


Dude. They’re not just investigating Trump. Is he really all you care about over US interests?


Bring the case or just be quiet and keep to investigating the collusion you clearly cant find. The fact your talking about obstruction goes to show you have nothing.

Michael Cohen Flips

Trump had to beat Evan Mcmullan, and GaryJohnson both republican never trumpers in the presidential election to win the presidency. Jill Stein was a non factor. This is why we dont have a popular vote, one party could bribe someone to run third party so their party could win. We must keep the electoral college, our candidates and both parties can influence an election faster than russia could any day of the week.


Imagine how screwed Teddy Kennedy would have been if the Democrats were as concerned with Russian Collusion as they are now?


you’re not very good at this. your post had nothing to do with what i posted.

well, unless you just want to derail. in that case i say “bravo”!!


Ok. backpedaling suits you people.

(LOL… they are pretending that proof of Trump’s supposed collusion has not been on their lips, their every thought and hope since Hillary said “let’s say the Russians did it” on November 9, 2016)


libs swore up and down that the intent of the EC was to prevent demagogues from becoming president.

Who are we, the low information deplorable, to argue. It did its job.


Man, you really don’t know what the investigation is about.

But go on protecting your favorite politician. That seems to be more important to you.


Just how do you propose to get him here?


An airplane.


Rendition is now cool.


That doesn’t even start to make sense.

You’re getting sloppy.


Im pointing out that Trump had to defy the odds to even become president. Which makes his presidency all the more impressive.


All libs have to do is bribe 3rd party candidates to run as an independent and it ensures the white house everytime if the election is by popular vote. Your right on!


They Mueller probe is all about , “Show me the man, and Ill show you the Crime”, I thought we passed on Machiavellian principles a couple hundred years ago.


your post had nothing to do with what i posted.