Mueller This Week

Worthy of its own thread I think.

  1. Fox News silent for four days
  2. Drudge deletes his entire account.
  3. National Enquirer silent for three days.
  4. Wikileaks silent for four days.
  5. Michael Cohen arrives in DC to talk to Mueller
  6. Mueller has his team work Veterans Day.
  7. President Trump has holed up in the White House.

Do we think this is going to be a big week? Or are we getting too excited?

I have no idea but as another posted stated, it seems like the calm before the storm.

Some of these seem like coincidence to me. An article about Fox News mentioned that it might be due to protesting Twitter not taking down Carlson Tucker’s home address (which Facebook did). Drudge periodically deletes their tweets — used to do it weekly a long time ago I think. Don’t know about NE or Wikileaks. And Trump is just being Trump.

This would be a good week for it… let them think about their life over thanksgiving dinner next week and discuss with their families whether or not they want to go to jail or flip on the big dogs

Mueller is still trying to word it to make his findings to be as incriminating as possible so the house has to take it up.

Impeach 45.

There is zero chance of the Republican House or Senate going after Trump in any way.

I admire him for waiting until after the elections. Especially given what he knows.

At this point it is all speculation, but personally whatever happens I do believe we are closer to the end of this investigation.

Wiki open…and naw…that’s just you setting up talking points

Are we finally going to get the tater?

Whats that guy who said he would be indicted soon?

When were you added to Mueller’s team?

FNC is currently boycotting twitter due to doxxing, not related to anything Mueller is doing.

Drudge periodically deletes all his tweets, normal for him. Not sure about the rest.

Will we hear a “sigh” on Friday evening?

At least 1-4 in your post means less lies being told to the American people. Even if it’s temporary the relief from the constant lies by right wing sites is refreshing.

Seems like an appropriate time to bump.

I hope Trump’s entire world and family burns down around him. Safely of course.

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