Mueller Targeted By Scheme Promoting False Sexual Assault Allegations

Mueller is cool


This is not so far fetched…in reality all you need to do to ruin someone is have someone make up an accusation of sexual assault. In 2018 the woman is to be believed regardless of the truth, regardless of the situation, and regardless of the absence of any real proof. This is something I would be worried about if I were Mueller.

More whataboutism…way to stay on message though.

We all remember that wonderful thread.

So, you are not going to answer the question…

Wonder what the penalty is for making false claims about being asked to make false claims?

Mueller is cool…

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…he says while avoiding answering questions :rofl:

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All of them is the attempt. Mueller is attacking rep activists and thus all reps as dishonest, 6 days out…

I guess he thought the trails would last longer, but they didn’t… And he got nothing from the indictments and trials for this October, so he went with this is my guess… Pretty desperate.

Republican arguments are always so ■■■■■■■ weak that all any of you ever do is create these completely ■■■■■■■■ narratives and then rail against them like a bunch of morons. Talk about SAD.

ask Al Franken…

Is someone doing that?

Coming back with a moronic point. Bold move.

The activist is not running for office. Are you really saying that nobody associated with politics whatsoever can be criminally investigated during election season?

Law and order!

No, I’m saying this is Mueller interfering int he election.

Please describe how this news affects any of November’s elections?

How about describing how this news affects any of November’s elections. And please be specific. Which races does it affect and how?

You mean your stupid question? Sure. Mueller hired a cut out to pose as Jack Burkman to offer to pay a woman to falsely accuse Mueller of sexual assault. Mueller also told the cut out to pick this particular woman knowing she would spill the beans. How’s that for an answer?

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Mueller is attacking rep activists and thus all reps as dishonest, 6 days out…

No reason for his office to make this request now.

If we go into the way, way back machine, we also discover that Burkman, before his campaign to combat the great gay shower menace by banning gay men from the NFL, and before his detective work on the Seth Rich story, we find this former lobbyist for Family Research Council was . . . . wait for it . . . a paid-up member on the DC Madame’s list back in 2007. Oooh. A genuine whoremonger. Awesome.