MUELLER’S MILLIONS: DOJ Has Spent Over $17 MILLION on Russia Probe So Far | Sean Hannity

The Department of Justice has spent over $17 million on its investigation into Russian election interference since last May, says a new financial report published Thursday by the DOJ.

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That’s a bargain.

Peanuts compared to the orange maniac’s golf outings and future military parade.

Ocean’s Thirteen
What a scam

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they want stop it until trump gives in!!

$17 million and most spent on Hillary’s attorneys. Mistake #1 for DJT was not prosecuting Hillary from day one. She is like oil leaking from an old crankcase. The more it leaks the faster it leaks. He should have plugged that leak first. Too nice, I guess.

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The DNC should be made to pay for Mueller’s bogus charade. The taxpayers should not be responsible for this total waste of money and Mueller should get a real job, one that benefits society in a positive and productive light.

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It’s disgusting!

It better be in Republican campaign ads because its nothing but a liberal Democrat expensive SCAM on Americans.

We haven’t seen anything yet if you think the costs are high now. Just wait until the victims of Mueller’s scam take the government to court.
Is it not true that Veselnitskaya was summoned (expedited by Lynch, why?) to Washington to testify in another matter? Would the FBI not have her under surveillance? Did the FBI not have some bargaining power, to get her to cooperate in an entrapment scheme to nail Don Junior? Why was the Goldstein note to Don such a neat package of incrimination, describing the campaigns wish to find something incriminating on Hillary? If Don Junior had previous communication concerning this why did Goldstein need to describe it all for him? If the Russians were the subject of the investigation why was Don Junior not warned of Russian attempts to groom him for possible espionage or whatever? She was not there working for Russian interests, she was there working for the deep state fronted by Hillary. This really stinks. If Don Junior suspected anything or if he was up to no good he would not have replied so candidly. He took the meeting not knowing what was there, found nothing, and did not take the time to report it to anyone.
Both Goldstein and the Russian lawyer had something to gain by helping the FBI, “investigate Trump”.

And I forgot, Do we know for sure the Veselnitskay meet with Simpson before and after the Trump Tower meeting?