Mueller Backtracks on press conference

A joint statement by the DoJ and the Special Council’s Office says there is no disagreement between Barr and Mueller about the role of the OLC opinion in Mueller’s investigation.

“In other words, Mueller is now saying “wait, wait I never said Trump would have been charged if he weren’t President, only that the fact that he was President is why I didn’t bother to answer the question.””



You didn’t read your link did you? Lol. Also You and Sneaky started a thread on this.

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All you need is the headline. Heh, heh.

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Ummm…that’s exactly what Mueller said in the report and in his press conference. He never said that he would have indicted except for the doj policy. He always said that policy was the reason he didn’t make a decision.
Some people have misinterpreted what he said to mean he would have indicted except for the policy. That’s what they wanted him to have said.


This one has been beat to death and it looks like Barr’s testimony regarding his conversation with Mueller was accurate after all.

Go figure!

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The article clearly supports the thread title. Clear as day. Mueller wouldn’t have indicted even without the OLC opinion. Pretty much what we on the right have been saying all along.

I can hardly wait to see the spin from the left on this one. I’m thinking there is a bit of a delay because their talking points are still being constructed.

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He doesn’t say that at all

Did you guys read the joint statement? There is no backtracking. No change to what Mueller and his report have said. The title is misleading.

Translation; Some guy at a Trump supporting news website says Mueller is backtracking.

There is NOTHING in that article aside from his interpretation of stuff everybody has already seen.

He says declaring Trump guilty of a crime was never an option. He said he was allowed to say whether or not the evidence pointed towards Trump being innocent, but he would not say Trump was innocent.

He’s clearly saying he believed accusing Trump of a crime would be insubordination and unconstitutional (in his opinion). However, his report lays out a clear case for Trump’s guilt in regards to obstruction of justice… it’s just not for Mueller to judge (per departmental restrictions).

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Trump is presumed innocent. Mueller doesn’t need to say it.

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Right. He didn’t judge. And Barr did. I get that you think the evidence says it is obstruction…Barr and Rosenstein didn’t. Fortunately or unfortunately Barr is head of the DOJ.
If it is all laid out there and a clear and obvious obstruction, then let Pelosi get busy.

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Funny. Mueller expressly said both in his report and at the press conference that if he could have said Trump did not commit a crime, also known as “innocent,” he would have. He didn’t though, because he could not say Trump was innocent.

Mueller also said he would have nothing more to say about it.
The next day he had more to say.

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Mueller is not a judge or a juror. He never has the power to rule that anyone is guilty. If Trump were not president, he would be able to say if he believes that Trump is guilty. Given the DOJ regulations, he could not say that he believes Trump to be guilty. He could say whether or not he believes Trump is innocent. He made it clear and deliberate that he would not say that Trump was innocent.

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Barr, being a DOJ employee, also can’t accuse the president of a crime. That Barr won’t accuse his boss of a crime (because, according to him, it would be illegal to make such an accusation), doesn’t mean anything.

Hey, a fake thread was started. Isn’t that enough sometimes?

Trump is presumed innocent. Mueller’s job was to prove him guilty if he was, not declare him innocent.

He didn’t have the power to rule Trump innocent.

Mueller says that charging Trump of a crime was not an option…and that accusing him of something that he could not be charged with would be unfair. So your statement is absolutely false.

Mueller’s job was to present the facts and let Congress decide (at least in his opinion).