MSNBC Meltdown: Analyst Claims Trump’s Efforts to Free US Pastor were ‘PURELY Political’

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A legal analyst for MSNBC found himself in hot-water on both sides of the political aisle Monday after he viciously claimed the President’s efforts to free an imprisoned US pastor held in Turkey was done “purely for political purposes.”

The panel was discussing Pastor Andrew Brunson’s release from a Turkish prison after two-years of captivity when analyst Nick Ackerman slammed the President’s priority in securing his release.

“This pastor has been gone from the United States for 22 years. So it is not like he’s still a resident of North Carolina,” Ackerman said. “This is being done purely for political purposes.”

“Trump just has a distorted values that are not American values that do not take into account the precepts on human rights and the liberal policies the world has adopted since the end of World War II,” Ackerman added.