MR. DEEP STATE: John Kerry Says Trump Should ‘Resign’ at World Economic Forum | Sean Hannity

Former Secretary of State John Kerry urged President Trump to “resign” from office this week; saying the Commander-in-Chief should step-down during a panel discussion at the World Economic Forum.

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John Kerry is nothing more than an opportunistic Bay area teeth clencher who’s made a career of marrying rich women. If the hypocrites in Congress want to prosecute anyone for violating the Logan Act, it should be John Kerry. I can guarantee that the current administration has not authorized him to represent us overseas.

What is Kerry wearing and and is he making a Nazi salute?

Other than marrying into the Heinz fortune, can anyone tell me WHY Kerry is attending the World Economic Forum? Other than bashing Trump, why in the world would he be a featured speaker?

The entire world is in a major meltdown all because American people got fed up with shoveling tons of their tax dollars to foreign countries and elected Trump to stop the cash outflow.