Most popular president in last 50 years is ____________?

Some polling of most popular in the last 50 years suggest George HW Bush is #1.

His approval average was 60.9 over his two terms, hitting a “90” on September 21, 2001.

Reagan in a landslide.

Most popular: I think

  1. Reagan
  2. Obama.
  3. Bush Jr. (T)
  4. Clinton. (T)
    5 Trump.
  5. Bush Sr.
  6. Ford.
  7. Carter.
  8. Nixon.


  1. Reagan
  2. Trump
  3. Bush Jr.
  4. Clinton
  5. Ford
  6. Obama
  7. Bush Sr.
  8. Carter
  9. Nixon

Now, bring out the TDS, I can just hear it. TRUMP SECOND? :rofl: Yes, up to the massive spending on the Covid 19, I would have put him ahead of Reagan. I disliked the spending hikes under Reagan, though some were necessary and that’s the only point I’ve had a problem with Trump on so far. If Bush Jr had fought back against the media, I would have had more respect for him.

JMO of course, that and $9 will buy you something at Starbucks!


I’d be more inclined to use ‘approval ratings’ as measure rather than comparing election results.

Without some agreed on measure this just becomes a bunch of opinions. I don’t really care who or why somebody thinks one President was more “popular” than another.

But hey, don’t let me stop what might be a great discussion for some.

ETA: Just noticed everyone else came to this conclusion weeks ago by the lack of response.

Since this thread has been resurrected, I would not list Trump at all, as he is still in office.

Not even to the point where we can really even look at Obama yet, let alone Trump.

Why not offer up your choice, since you took the time to chime in?

President Andrew Shepard was pretty good. President Francis Underwood was ruthless in his power but got things done. President David Palmer was also one of the best.

But the winner of this contest, with all 50 states reporting, is President Thomas J. Whitmore. He saved from an alien invasion. Top that.


Xi Jinping got more votes…

I don’t have a choice for who’s most popular. I guess my post was too cryptic.

Discuss it if you think it’s worthwhile. I don’t.

You should just thank me for accidentally resurrecting this thread.

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Ronald Reagan by a mile!

I will answer the topic.

G.W. Bush was the single day most popular President in 50 years, with an approval rating of 90% on September 21, 2001.

G.H.W. Bush was the average most popular President in 50 years, with an average approval of 60.9% over the course of his administration.


How about a US President? Sorry if that was not was clear in topic.

Dude, Google. :wink:

It’s for fun, lots of ways to decide who is most popular…

Thanks Safiel. And sorry for my earlier reply.

In the name of fun, that’s why I posted fictional Presidents. My experience with real Presidents goes back to Regan. Personally, I always liked Bush the first.

And Clinton didn’t suck either. :eyes:

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If we are going by election returns worldwide I think Saddam Hussein takes the cake.

I mean the dude pulled like 102% yes votes. He was so popular that dead Iraqis even voted for him from beyond the grave.

In all seriousness though, these are some interesting stats.