More Stabbing in Sydney

A mass stabbing last week.

A livestream stabbing this week (brought to you by the Religion of Peace). Attacker was 15 years old, going on a radicalized 30.

It’s a lot more personal to stab someone.

The only sanity in this whole scene; She arrived on the scene first and was alone when she engaged with the attacker. She shot the offender when he raised a knife at her.

“She discharged her firearm, and that person is now deceased,” Cooke said.

Now are there any further questions as to why it is many Americans will not give up their guns?


Clearly the solution is to ban assault knives.


If the guy had a gun could he have been stopped by a guy with a metal pole? :face_with_monocle:. Good guy with a bollard?

I am very much pro 2nd amendment. Comparing knife attacks to gun attacks is interesting

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Absolutely and a lot more violent too.

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They banned guns. Clearly the solution is to ban all knives. Cut your steak with a plastic knife. There’s no reason anyone needs a knife made out of metal.


How many holes does the guy with the pole have in him if it’s a gun?

My point in all this is that knife attacks aren’t a reason to ban knives. And comparing them to gun attacks is silly.

The constitution is the reason not to ban guns.

Why is it silly? If people are constantly talking about restricting gun ownership, and finally succeed, what is different about doing the same with knives if they’re being used for the same reason you restricted gun ownership?


Same reason isn’t the issue.

This is why it’s silly to compare them

It’s not “silly” when countries like the UK are already starting down the knife-banning path, complete with confiscations. Progressives across the globe are increasingly frowning against self-defense of any type.


METT-TC Dependent. :wink:


Ha! :blush: I always have to look that up.

I want to boop this baddy.

Mission (boop the baddy)
Enemy (How many, how armed, etc.)
Terrain and Weather (cover and concealment provided by an escalator is nice)
Troops and Support (Any backup? What can I weaponize?)
Time (Can it be accomplished in the window of opportunity that you have?)
Civilian Considerations (Will people die because of you?)

I say it takes less than 5 seconds to perceive most of that list without even having to use words in thought.


With a sick robe like that he should have had a hidden assassin wrist blade.

Good news looks like he will have full recovery


Thank you for that

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How many would have been stabbed if the guy had a gun instead of a pole?


Could have been fewer for sure. That’s why the cop with a gun shot him. It works both ways of course.

Does it?

Yes he could have shot a lot more people before someone with a gun confronted him.