More Russian money for Trump, and more lies

A Republican political consultant linked to Paul Manafort and Cambridge Analytica funneled $50,000 from a Ukrainian oligarch to Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration committee, authorities said on Friday. (A pro-Russian Ukranian).

Oh, and he pleaded guilty, and is cooperating.

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Breaking News: A lobbyist linked to Paul Manafort admitted to helping Russian and Ukrainian businessmen illegally buy tickets to President Trump’s inauguration.

Why were Russians so anxious to attend an American President’s Inauguration?

50k? Peanuts. Not enough money for trump to care. Obviously fake.

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Ha, that’s exactly what I thought when I read the OP. There’s so much massive corruption happening right now that 50K barely registers.

Still want to understand why Russian oligarchs and Ukranian Russia -lovers are so anxious to attend Trump’s inauguration.

This doesn’t strike me as a big deal in the big picture. If it were campaign money that would be something.

lordy, who do you think collected the $50k?