More mindless panic over Covid Spike

If we were to believe what dem’s and their willing accomplices in the media are telling us we’re now on the verge of collapse.

Where are the numbers supporting it?

Yes, we’ve had a spike but at the same time the average or median age among new cases is rapidly falling and overwhelmingly it is those least unacceptable to serious/critical illness or death who are becoming exposed.

What this means is that in spite of the best efforts to "slow the spread’ dragging this outbreak out unnecessarily by months we’ll achieve herd immunity and it will be over much sooner.

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sure, dude. herd immunity right around the corner.


You quoted that whole thing in the very next post. For that.

Please quote where I said it’s right around the corner or just admit you’re making up bull ■■■■■

Seems to me, that was your suggestion.

I would like to see some links to back up that the dems and their willing accomplices in the media saying we are on the verge of collapse.


Then like I said, either quote it or admit you’re making up bull ■■■■■

who said we are on the verge of collapse?


Well, then. I guess we’re not going to attain herd immunity anytime soon.

Define “soon”. Is the increase not exponential?

If herd immunity is real in this case, there are over 30 states with increases. New York is still a thousand a day.

How long do you think it’s going to take?

But according to CNN and Liberal news media “Protests and rioting didnt cause it” Right? its just bad opening by Trump admin because they opened to early.

Yet those riots and protesting had zero physical distancing :roll_eyes:


I’ll have to dwell on that. Sandman is calling. Early to bed, early to rise.

Imagine that.

If the death rate stays low, the new case spike is less of a concern. As long as we get immunity.

We are all eventually going to test positive.

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If the death rate remains low.

We will find out soon.

All this back and forth about masks don’t work, opening the bars caused it, political rallys caused it, college parties started it, it was the protesters, Trump caused it, Obama is to blame, etc etc miss the truth.

IT’S THE WITCHES ! Just like the Black Death, it’s the witches.

I agree. I’d like to know more about patient demographic in the surge cases.

That’s the talking pts for the radical left and media. :roll_eyes:

It’s a virus. A bad one. Viruses are not good.

This is a pretty good article explaining research on how this spreads. You all read and you all decide. I’m done trying to convince anyone of anything.