More liberal on liberal violence

It looks like Antifa is expanding its offensive to yet another liberal city in a liberal state. Yay! Better them than us! Have at it clowns! Anybody got some popcorn?

Anti-Cop Antifa Protest Turns Violent in Tacoma, Washington (

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Those that doing this protesting aren’t liberals. They’re tools for authoritarians.

Want to add up the score left v right? You sure about that?

Maybe. But the left doesn’t dare offend them. Or restrain them. So that’s enough for me to call them liberals.

“Fine people on both sides”

Sure! Antifa and the cities they destroy. All fine people. I have no problem with this opinion.

Actually Liberal are afraid of em because they know libs will come for them.

Most liberals are still in appeasement phase.

Was just in a mid size city this weekend, virtually every merchant had a BLM sign or logo on the front of the store. Now either merchants are a very homogenized group, or at least some of them are doing so out of fear of retaliation if they don’t.

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Isn’t that the point of this thread? Some sort of “we’re better than you” contest?

Just saying, if we are keeping score, the left is running up the scoreboard while the right is sitting on the bench.

I saw an Antifa group running around outside of our school campus last Friday. Our city is under attack. Oh . . . wait, that was the cross country team practicing.

Looks like they need more practice time to me

And new uniforms wouldn’t hurt.

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Our cross country team has more members.

Yes, but they’re in jail, don’t worry, elected democrats will bail them out in time for the next meet.

Sounds like a plan.

Why was the cross country team wearing black suits, helmets and smashing windows? Sarcasm can be funny when it’s witty. This was just stupid.

Soon they won’t even need bail…

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True. They will be freed to terrorize liberal areas again. We’re pretty groovy out here in the red state burbs. :sunglasses: